Our GoldenLeaf Philosophy

J.K. Tiller Associates covets a Reverent disposition toward the land and its resources, both existing and potential.


We believe successful planning begins with professional humility and a willingness to stand humble before nature.

Rewarding & Inspiring

Our designs prove financially and spiritually rewarding to our clients, commanding a premium in the marketplace while inspiring all who experience them.

Resilient & Timeless

Our resilient visions resist popular trends while achieving timeless permanency.

Conservative & Unifying

Our conservative approach respects the land's natural character and human applications, unifying environmental sensitivity and project feasibility.


May the evidence of our intervention respect always the balanced example set forth by nature.

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Where We Find Inspiration

Our firm’s GoldenLeaf™ Philosophy was inspired by the Gingko Bilobatree, the oldest living seed plant, dating back some 286 million years. Symbolizing the unity of opposites, the sacred tree, which can live longer than 3,000 years, has long inspired artists and poets with its dignity, longevity and beautiful leaves, which turn golden in the autumn. Heralded as the “bearer of hope” following its miraculous comeback at Hiroshima, the tree is extremely resilient to adverse atmospheric conditions, is able to thrive in urban areas and has been scientifically proven to cure human ailments, including cancer. The world’s largest plantation of Gingko trees, totaling some 10 million, is located in South Carolina.

Our Services

Master Planning

Master Planning world-class communities requires creative vision, skillful precision and a deft understanding of development policies and procedures.

Site Planning

From business centers and community facilities to recreational areas and institutions, J.K. Tiller Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive Site Planning services.

Comprehensive Signage

Signage provides more than consistency, information and direction: It can establish an emotional tone and signature theme that distinguishes one locale from another.

Streetscape & Urban Design

Creating nationally award-winning Streetscape & Urban Designs requires an understanding of the past, present and future functionality of the site and its surroundings.

Design Guidelines Development

Documenting the unique character of a community – including its architecture, lighting, signage and other features – is often essential to its preservation and ordered growth.